Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sun into Virgo | clean the closet

Still holding myself by little-moonshine

The astrology wheel is the hero's journey of self discovery. When the sun moves into Virgo today, it is the hero's (our) first encounter with service.

We are learning when to help and when helping isn't really helping. Virgo is the modest healer with the critical eye that takes care of the details. Meaningful work and competence are key now.

Virgo knows we are not here to do the work we love - we are here to love the work we do. There is a difference. This is the difference that changes the world. This is the difference that changes us.

Every sign has something to learn from the sign that follows it.

Leo learns from Virgo (and we all have Leo and Virgo in our charts somewhere - its placement will affect how this activates in your own journey) - to do the work. Virgo teaches Leo to let go of the need for the spotlight and recognition and to just focus on the work.

The king gets humbled (and we might, too, now!).

It is no coincidence that Virgo comes in autumn; the time of the harvest - the time we separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Sun in Virgo needs to do good work. In order to do this, we need to figure out what isn't working. We need to be able to see the flaws and problems.

When Mercury meets up with the Sun at the end of the week (and kicks off a new Mercury cycle) an idea, conversation, information, news, detail will come to our attention that tells us what we need to know to move forward (even though we are still looking backward). With the Sun's big old light we won't have to worry about missing it. It won't be a subtle thing. It will be obvious. It could be - the fly in our ointment, the flaw in our plans, the new idea, the crucial detail - that tells us what we need to know now.

Coming so close to Venus's move into heart centered Leo at the end of week (and with Venus now answering to Leo's ruler the Sun) we could use whatever comes to light now to determine if what we want (Venus) is at all practical or even actually possible now or it could provide us with the info we need to get it/make it happen.

Virgo's shadow is perfection. Perfection is a ferocious teacher and many people with strong Virgo have the battle scars to prove it. There must be self acceptance here  If a Virgo is unhappy with what she sees in the mirror, she will be unhappy with what she sees everywhere else.

Self-esteem is the key to avoiding self-destruction. Despite Virgo's need for careful planning (a well planned job is half done is certainly one of her mantras) she must learn to live in the moment and to live there with compassion (for herself and everyone else).

This is everyone's lesson now. We are all burning Virgo fuel for the next 30 days. Until September 5th, Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is retrograde. We are looking backward. We are revising, redoing, renovating, rethinking, etc.

If major decisions or major moves can be put off until after this date, since we won't have all the facts and all our ducks beginning to line up until then - put it off. If it can't be put off, then make the decision, etc knowing things will work out a little differently than you think they will and there are still some tweaks and details that will need to be adjusted.

It's a good time to focus on our health - eat better, move our bodies more - Virgo rules the 6th house of health and work and there are reasons these two things go together

So let's get to work (can't you feel that "back-to-school, sharpen your pencils" energy even if no one in your life is heading back to school?). Let's get organized. Let's make our bed and sweep the floor. Any space in our life where we get to decide what stays and what goes is a good space to be working in now. Think closets and inboxes.

Evaluate what is and what isn't working - what is worth doing/trying and what isn't. The North Node is still in fiery Leo, but Virgo energy is practical. It is time to deal with all the little background noise that makes it impossible to hear what our heart is saying to us.

xo all

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 21st - confronting our shadow, here comes the light, Virgo season begins, daddy's home

My playful friends by msRainie

This is a big week. I know I say, "this is a big week" alot, so maybe I should say THIS IS A BIG WEEK. And when I shout, remember I am from New Jersey - my hands fly out, Olive runs under the bed and the glasses in my neighbor's cupboard hit the floor.

On MONDAY, we have the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo - the Sun and Moon meet up at 28 degrees Leo at 2:45PM EDT. I wrote about this HERE and HERE - keep in mind this is something none of us have ever experienced before and it will impact us over the next few months, so let's go into this with a light and open heart and a gentle prayer for peace. Choose your mood now. Don't be afraid to look into the dark, but stay focused on the moment the light comes back on.

The Leo house in your natal chart is ripe for a fresh start. This could come through a powerful ending or result being delivered. Ceres (in Cancer) opposing Pluto (in Capricorn) at this crucial moment in time could signal a permanent change in a power dynamic within a family, home or nurturing/protective/mothering situation. The Moon goes void from 2:30PM EDT to 4:30PM EDT.

*My personal belief is that the Great American Eclipse is opening the portal that will push the United States to the end of the American empire and ultimately toward the creation of something more inclusive and more equal and more creative than "empire"; something actually managed by the people for the people instead of by and for corporations. And something where "created equal" are more than words on a piece of paper. This is big energy as we move toward the date in January 2020 when Pluto and Saturn meet up in Capricorn and since that is the month we will inaugurate our next President, maybe instead of a new President we figure out a whole new system of government that doesn't divide us into two bickering groups who, at the end of the day, really want the same things anyway. Maybe instead of the patriarchal system of winners and losers, we figure out how to work together in a space where everyone wins. Truly. We can't see how to get there yet, because we don't know what we don't know. But we will.*

On TUESDAY, the Sun moves into Virgo. Since Virgo's ruler Mercury is retrograde there is still something we are reviewing or re-doing here. Over the next 30 days with the Sun in Virgo we are focused on the work that is right in front of us, planning, dotting our i's and crossing our t's, providing service to other people, quality over quantity and Virgo ruled themes - work, health, our pets, paperwork, organization, co-workers and employees.

On WEDNESDAY, Saturn (in Sagittarius) is squaring the Moon (in Virgo) so there could be some tension with any of those Virgo themes I wrote about yesterday or Saturn ruled goals, career, authority, responsibility, time issues or a Sagittarian themed issue - legal, political, travel, foreign, educational, wedding, religious, media, publishing, etc. Then the Moon moves into a sextile (opportunity) with Venus - situations with women, money, self-esteem, things we value - will be looking up.

On THURSDAY, Venus squares Uranus so there could be something unexpected or sudden or liberating happen with a woman or a financial issue or since Venus is still in Cancer with a home situation, real estate, family, parent, mother, renovation, etc. People will be wanting to stand out and be unique in some way. Maybe something we started around June 3rd (when these planets met up) hits some kind of test or tension now. In the long term, stuff started then, especially new relationships, are not meant to last - they are that rebound guy who gets us from A to B but is gone by the time we get to C. Stress can come to older and more seasoned relationships through us wanting change (maybe just for the sake of change) or maybe an unexpected argument happens around expectations about freedom within the relationship. It something is really stagnant and draining our energy this transit can help us break free from the situation. The Moon goes Void at 4:00PM EDT.

On Friday, the Moon in Libra is making nice all over the place providing a good day for partnerships and business - for fairness and justice.

The biggest news, Saturn stations direct after more than four months retrograde. Even with Mercury and three other planets still retrograde, things will slowly but surely start to move forward now.

Saturn has been retrograde at the Galactic Center (28 degrees Sagittarius, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way) since April 6th. This has had us going back over rules, structure, security issues,  and obligations. Since Saturn moved into Sagittarius in 2015 (through the end of 2017) our beliefs and commitment to our dreams have been tested.

If we no longer fit in the space we are occupying or are holding on where our heart is no longer invested or if we are truly needed elsewhere - situations have arisen over the last few months to make this clear to us.

Coming on the heels of our bold New Moon Solar Eclipse means changes now will be long lasting. What is going on in our lives over the last and next few days will tell us alot about what this Saturn retrograde period has been about for us, where we need to make our final tweaks and the areas we need to be more Saturnian.

Dad's home. Have we been goofing off? Staying out late? Run up the electric bill? Worn out his favorite chair or left his tools out in the rain to rust?

Karmic books are being balanced. Remember, karma isn't about punishment - we are just being served what we ordered. Most of us do alot of this "ordering" unconsciously. But we can choose to do things differently today. Right now.

Please make any course corrections BEFORE December 21st-22nd when the Sun and then Saturn shift into Capricorn. After this date there will be increased responsibilities, deadlines, walls, boundaries, structure, patience needed, authority to deal with, tradition (winter is coming!) - so let's get our sh*t together NOW. Be where you want to be. Be who you want to be. Because things are going to get poured into concrete.

And please no shortcuts - they will just come back to bite us later.

Remember when any planet meets the Sun a new cycle begins. So in late December we will have Saturn starting a new solar cycle and a new Capricorn cycle - the sign he rules!! - at the same time!

(we will have a Fire Trine then with Uranus so one final chance to free ourselves from something limiting before the snow starts to fall)

You want your act as together as your act can be by this date. If you need to make a major change make it before this date. 


The way we go into this period of time will impact our Capricorn house theme and the stuff Capricorn rules - goals, career, all the Saturnian responsibility, security and time issues thru March 2020 AND will very much set up the results we get. Saturn in Capricorn can produce some very incredible results. It pretty much guarantees success, folks, oh yes, it does.

But the success will be Saturn's success - earned through hard work. If we are not "doing our Saturn" ie stepping into our responsibility, walking our talk, doing the work, being dependable, being honest - we will be screwed.

Someone else - some situation or authority figure outside of us - will step in and be the boss of us. Do we want to be the boss of us or do we want a boss? Some people need a boss. If you need a boss you are going to love Saturn in Capricorn because you will find one. If you are ready to be your own boss you are going to love Saturn in Capricorn. If you are not ready to be your own boss and you do not want anyone else to be the boss of you either - you are screwed.

Please take this seriously. Claim it. I was born with Saturn one degree from my Sun - in the same way Trump is unpredictable Uranus, I am responsible Saturn. I am your Saturn telling you to get your sh*t together. :)

(except Saturn wouldn't smile at you and I will - hell, I'll even wink ;)

On SATURDAY, Venus moves into Leo (I will do a post) making Leo Suns and ascendants more attractive (both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want/need). All our Leo houses become more attractive, too.

The Sun and Mercury will meet up in Virgo. This is called an inferior conjunction and kicks off a new cycle with our Mercury story. An answer, information or conversation could bring something to light now. Maybe it's a fact or visible weakness that will allow us to proceed with the remaining Mercury retrograde period  (through September 5th) - reworking, revising, etc - with better information. Coming so close to Venus's move into heart centered Leo (and with Venus now answering to Leo's ruler the Sun) we might be able to use whatever comes to light now to determine if what we want is even actually possible or it could provide us with the info we need to get it/make it happen.

xo all

Friday, August 18, 2017

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo | August 21st - the heart of a lion, creating our brave new future, part II

89-LIon by Lucky978

See Part I focused on the U.S. situation HERE

Monday's Solar Eclipse in Leo is a super-charged New Moon! Hooked up with the North Node of our collective way forward, conjunct the powerful degree of the royal star and king-maker Regulus and it's the second New Moon in Leo this year and it is trining (brakes off) "anything can happen" Uranus (ruler of the South Node of Aquarius) -

this is a potent fresh start

focused on the theme of our Leo natal house (what house holds 28 degrees Leo in your natal and progressed charts - what are those house themes?) and Leo ruled creativity, children, romance, fun, games, our heart's desire, generosity, pride, confidence, courage and love.

August 6th's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius may have eclipsed something out or brought something hidden into the light. We talked about this eclipse HERE and HERE - this stuff is factoring into the next eclipse, but now we are focusing on moving forward.

Big energy moving through the collective fields means there is big energy moving through us!

This is the time we release our detachment (Aquarius) and we move into our heart (Leo). This is the time we take the thing that has alienated and set us apart (Aquarius) and bring it front and center onto the stage (Leo). It will be the thing we are proud of. It will be the thing that makes our heart happy. It will be the thing that when we think about moving toward it - we feel a little lighter, life feels a little easier. It won't be the big complicated thing we get a headache just thinking about actually doing.

This is the time we step away from the crowd and back into ourselves. We put the oxygen mask on our own face first. We stop revolting against what we don't want and start creating what we do want. We put away the phone and go play with the kids. We turn off the internet and use our computer to write that book we have been wanting to write. We turn our attention away from the masses - our pseudo family who agree with us - and toward the people we love who are right in front of us - who probably do NOT always agree with us. We are connected to the people we are physically connected to for a reason!

We have gotten ourselves into quite a bit of trouble by only looking at the stuff we agree with and talking to and interacting with people we agree with. We have lost sight of the fact we can get along with all kinds of people we don't agree with and the fact that lots of people out there do not agree with us and probably never will - and that's OK.

The trine (brakes off) to unpredictable Uranus (in fiery, independent and action oriented Aries) is a good indicator that we don't have to figure out how to get where we want to be. The universe can use whatever action we take to get us on the path toward our heart's desire. The Leo space in our natal chart shows what we are here to give and the world is hungry for it!

Things fall into place when we get clear on how we want to feel (happy, joyous, lighter) and do more things that make us feel like that. Do fun stuff and the universe will respond by offering us more fun stuff to do.

Things fall into place when we do the things we are already doing - 5 planets are retrograde folks - with more joy and an open heart.

This eclipse is connected to Mercury's retrograde journey AND this year's Venus story AND this year's Jupiter/Pluto story. The new beginning offered up by this potent New Moon could take some time to shake out. We have Mars hitting the eclipse degree on September 2nd (courage, anger, action), Mars conjuncting a retrograde Mercury (maybe an argument, maybe news that requires action) on September 3rd and Mercury stationing direct on the eclipse degree (28 degrees Leo) on September 5th (final decision, some kind of culmination point or results via information or communication). This is all going to take some time to unwind.

We also have Ceres opposing a retrograde Pluto on August 21st. This will play into the eclipse story, too, likely dredging up issues of dependency and control. There could be power struggles around nurturing  - maybe something like "if you want me to take care of you or give you this thing you need, then you must do this thing for me that I want" - maybe something that needs to be given freely comes with a few strings attached. On the other hand nurturing given freely can transform the situation. We'll talk about this more as we move through it.

So start thinking about your New Moon intentions for after Monday's eclipse. We had a New Moon in Leo on June 23rd so we might get another crack at something we started then.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and with the Sun ruling this New Moon - and the North Node of our collective way forward now in Leo also - this is all about following our HEART. Whatever new thing/situation/person/belief/action we choose to work with needs to be something we are excited about, it needs to stir us. It needs to not have any self-sacrifice or victim mentality connected to it. It needs to come with a certain ease. This doesn't mean there won't be work involved, but it can't be only work involved.

With the North Node in Leo now if we really don't want to do something and we do it anyway, it isn't going to work. What we want, what is calling to our heart, is the only thing that will work now. Choices get easier. I will do a post by sign when I do the weekly next weekend.


Let your heart guide you, forget logic with this one, clear your head, write what your heart wants not what you think you should write, write your intentions down by hand in script on a blank piece of paper, speak the words out loud, burn the paper - release your attention from these things knowing your intention is known

Life has heard you. 

Know these things are already yours.

If you are lucky enough to get to watch this beautiful eclipse, be sure to have the proper glasses and understand exactly when it will happen in your area. It will only last a maximum of 2 minutes for the totality, so you don't want to miss it by misunderstanding the correct time - Mercury is retrograde and crazy crowds are expected so prepare for travel delays and get there early! Please, please bring your highest, most peaceful and joyous energy with you. Don't be afraid to look into the dark, but carry forward the energy of that moment the light comes back on.

And let's bring our pets indoors - they can get eye damage, too.

xo all